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New Year......New Stuff.......

So, it's been a few months since I posted.  (I really need to work on that!!)

I suppose most people follow me on Facebook, and might already know this, but I'm 26 weeks pregnant now.  (Pick your jaw up off the floor - I was just as surprised as anyone.  That surgery last year REALLY worked.  Even the doctors were startled that I was able to get pregnant so quickly.  And without needing Clomid.)  Imagine.  Going from not cycling for well over a decade, to relatively normal cycling and immediate pregnancy?  Incredible.

(Actually, I had to laugh a little - I ended up pregnant on the second cycle after the wedding.  If I'd ended up pregnant on the first possible chance......then, since pregnancies are usually dated from 2 weeks PRIOR to conception.......I'd be pregnant for 20 weeks, and married for 18, for example.  How difficult to explain would THAT be???)

(I once heard of a woman being denied health insurance coverage, under her husband's plan, for that exact situation, because the company insisted that the pregnancy was a "pre-existing condition".  Can you imagine???  Poor lady had to drag her fertility charts, ovulation records, and a doctor in to argue with the company.  Sheesh!!!)

But, I digress.

This pregnancy has been.........surprisingly easy, and difficult at the same time.  Easy, in the sense of hardly any physical symptoms.  (At least, not many that I easily recognize.  I live my life feeling exhausted, nauseated, and in pain all the time anyway.  How would I tell the difference???)  26 weeks in, and I haven't really gained any weight yet.  (Go figure THAT one.)  

On the other hand, I flunked an early glucose screening at 8 weeks in.  Flunked it so badly, I was immediately sent to another specialist.  Gestational diabetes is a pain.  Pricking my fingers and testing my blood 4 times a day, and testing my urine every morning.  Adding another medication to my regimen.  Emailing my charts to the doctor every week.  And having to be SUPER strict with everything I eat.  (Including getting up in the middle of the night to eat something.)  I haven't needed to inject insulin yet, but I am getting SICK of a diet this restrictive.  As if gluten-free wasn't bad enough.

Still.  It's worth it.

Ultrasound says.........it's a girl.  I've been able to feel her moving around in there for a while now, but it's really gotten noticeable in the last couple weeks.  (Translation - at times I resemble a Mexican Jumping Bean, because it's STARTLING to suddenly feel random kicks and see your belly moving around!!!!)  I can tell I'm getting farther along, because I can't get all the way through a Mass without needing a restroom break.  I really miss hearing the homily!!

To add to my stress, because I never do anything by half-measures, we've decided to move out of the apartment, and into a house.  (We were planning to do that anyway, of course, but getting pregnant this fast simply made us speed up the process.)  We should be closing on the house next week.  Which means that we should be packing and moving really soon.  

*freaking out, at the thought of packing everything up and moving AGAIN*

And then........gee, I dunno..........we should probably, like, buy some baby supplies and things?  (Ok, ok, so I'm not one of those super-exuberant people, running out and trying to color-coordinate a whole nursery.  Whaddya want???)


So, today was one of those rare days where I felt decent, the weather was AWESOME, and I have no pressing medical appointments.  (Hence, I can get out and DO something, because it's ok if I end up crashed for a couple days.)  And so, we decided to take a drive to Midway, KY.  (About 20 minutes away.)

I don't want to spam you all with the VERY photo intensive results, but click below if you wanna know everything....

Click here for the full story and pictures…..Collapse )

All in all.......a very fun day!!!  (And we listened to the Kingston Trio on the way home Dad, lol.)

I'm still here......

Lest anyone think I've dropped off the face of the earth - I haven't.  I just didn't fully realize how distracting getting married, and then moving in together, would be!!  (No, I don't know WHY I didn't anticipate that, lol.)

So there's a few months between the last post and this.  And I apologize for that.

But WOW, what a few months!!

We found a lovely apartment.  And actually started the lease a month before we got married, because we got a cheaper rate and figured we could move our stuff over gradually.  Which we did.  Since I had a lot of my stuff still packed from the earlier move, we would fill up the car with my boxes, and drop them off every day, whenever we were running around for errands and stuff.  It worked out well.  By the time the movers came, all they had to take was my furniture.

My lease ran out at the end of May, so I shared my folks' hotel room until after the wedding (a few days later).  That was really nice, since it gave me a chance to see my folks, and I didn't have to worry about anything.  (Free meals at the hotel and everything - yay!)

The wedding went very well!!  We ended up with a VERY small audience, which was not unexpected, since I know how far away we are from everybody.  (And I sure didn't mind - I hate having lots of people staring at me!!)  And I decided to go with fans instead of flowers, which made me happy!!  (I've never been a big fan of bouquets or anything.)

Here's the whole wedding - everyone except 4 local friends who did the readings and brought up the gifts for mass.

We had a good time!!  And........yes, I DID wear mismatched (slightly) stockings..............

And yes........of COURSE there were ponies involved somewhere.  (We decided to each get a TINY gluten-free cake.  He put Mario on his, I put ponies on mine.)

So, all in all, things went very well.  And I have plenty more to say, but I'll try to break it up into multiple posts.......


No, I haven't died........I just got sidetracked by the move.  

But I'm here!!  I'm actually in Kentucky!  I finished packing my stuff, the movers came and took it, and my folks and I drove down to KY.  I got the apartment, my folks helped me shop for a few last necessities, and then they left.  (I spent a couple days in the apartment with my computer and an air mattress, waiting for the movers to get here.)  Finally, my stuff came.  I got the cable, internet, and phone hooked up.  And I began settling in.

Check out the photographic proof here:   https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150625697659620.403657.748939619&type=3&l=3bc65575e7

Once I start cooking, you know I'm settling in, lol.

The last couple weeks have been good.  My fiancé has been coming over every day, and we've been able to get out and do things.  (No, I don't have a car or a license.)  We've been able to visit with his friends, go to church together, run errands together, blah, blah, blah.  I got my VT learner's permit transferred to KY.  We popped in to the local library.  (WOW, it's AWESOME!!  We are TOTALLY going back there, and I am DEFINITELY getting a card!!!)  We went to a movie together.  It's really been nice.

The cathedral parish down here is HUGE - I've never seen so many people (and so many YOUNG people) and so many activities.  And there's another parish here which offers the Latin mass (and my fiancé sings in the choir there), so we've been able to go to that as well.  Totally nifty!!

We even went to the religious freedom rally last friday, and got caught on the local news.  (I'm here for less than a month, and I end up on the local news?  Must be doing something right, lol.)


(Those cardboard signs I made only lasted for about 10 minutes, because it began raining like CRAZY - my purse took almost 2 days to dry!!!)

I found a "local" NaPro doctor.  (Local in the sense of "only 3 hours north")  So I have an appointment there next month.  I've switched to the KY health insurance (which has been a HUGE hassle!!!!  UGH!!!!!)  And we've been working on the wedding prep.  I'm in the process of mailing out the invitations.  And the pre-cana classes are next month.

*collapsing in exhaustion*

Today, we're hoping to go to the mall and wander around.  It looks like a really nice mall online!!!!!

And we've been busy playing Super Mario Bros. games.  (SMB 3 on the SNES, and the New SMB for the Wii - I really like the wii version!!  Really neat!!!)

It's still so.........surreal.  I'm here.  I'm IN Kentucky!!  Bizarre!!!  I do miss Vermont, and I do miss my folks.......but I guess the real super homesickness hasn't set in yet........???

I'm still alive!!

Yes, I know, I haven't updated in almost 2 months!!  I'm sorry, I got all distracted with everything.  But here are the main bullet points.

-I finished school.  Got an A in my final class, and that left me with a 3.84 GPA.  That's decent, right?  (I'm not up-to-speed on these number things.)  My school only has graduation ceremonies in May.....so, forget it.  I'm not sticking around for that, thank you very much.

-I submitted my final paper for publication.  Considering the controversial nature........any bets?

-I've started packing for the move.  Where on earth did I ever get so much stuff??

-I got rid of my xylophone.  Meaning - I boxed the thing up and shipped it to a company that handles these things.  They paid the shipping and gave me $100.  (Yeah, I know......it's worth way more than that......but these aren't the easiest things to get rid of, y'know!!)  This has got to be the largest thing I've ever shipped.  Had to raid the local bicycle shop, to find a box large enough.

-I found that I can get health insurance in KY........but it costs more, and covers less.  AAUGH!!!!!

-Now, of course, I'm left with the dilemma of "how do I actually -move- all this stuff to KY??"

Day 9

I can't believe the trip is almost over.

Second-to-last-day with my fiancé, on this trip.  Spent most of the day at the hotel.  Watched a scary movie.  (Something called "The Mist", which had awesomely cute giant scary bugs, but did, indeed, turn into a horror movie at the end.)  And then we went out to Bob Evans for supper, along with a friend of his.  Very nice, very fun, very low-key.  (Hey, with the CFIDS, this is about all I can take.)

Tomorrow is it.  I don't WANNA go home.


Day 8

Ok, so I forgot to write this down yesterday - I can't remember everything, lol.

Thanksgiving was great.  We all went out to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  (YUM!!)  According to my folks and fiancé, the special Thanksgiving meal was quite good.  But I had my usual chicken tenderloins.....which were also good, so everyone was happy.

Then we just came back to the hotel, and played video games, and watched a movie.  (The Secret Garden - one of my favorites.)

My fiancé and I went out to bring back some supper for my folks, and ended up at a chain called "Steak and Shake".  My folks and I ate there in Pikeville, once, so we knew it was good.  Totally fun, getting to eat there together, just the two of us - a very traditional sort of "date", lol.

(Seriously though, good food at good prices.  How do you beat that??)

Day 7

Went to talk with the priest today.  We're thinking.........June 9th might be a nice date.........although the only slot is in the evening, which will make things harder.  (Ah well, it's also a good excuse to keep the reception short and simple, in my opinion.)

I'm impressed with the pre-cana program here.  Very in-depth, lots of stuff.  Now, I gotta figure out a way to get down here in February, so I can make it to the weekend program.......

(Wedding planning, on the other hand.........bleh - not looking forward to that.)

Tomorrow......THANKSGIVING!!  Time to head to the Cracker Barrel!!  YUM!!!


Day 6

So, today my folks and I looked at the best apartment place I could find.  And it looked quite nice, I must admit.  A couple blocks from a bus stop.  Looked quite reasonable to me.....


Day 5

Really didn't do too much today.  I still feel pretty miserable, so I've just been lurking about the hotel room all day.

Tomorrow........I go see the best nearby apartment place I could find.  Wish me luck!!




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