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Trying Something New!

So, one of my favorite blogs has this weekly feature every Friday, with 7 short little blurbs.  (Things that would normally be too short for a full blog post, y'know?)  Well, I'm gonna try it out........so, without further ado.......
Item #1

I spent 10 minutes this morning staring at the anthills in my driveway.  We have several of them, all lined up in the middle (where the car tires don't go).  I watched the ants scuttling in and out.  And several questions occurred to me.

-When the ants carry the grains of dirt out and add them to the hill, some of the ants drop them right away, while others carry them quite a ways out.  How do they know where to put them?  

-When the car drives over the hill, what do the ants think it is?

-If I spend 10 minutes watching ants in my driveway, does this make me a geek??

Item #2

I just got another bill from my surgery last summer.  (This BETTER be the last one; the surgery was almost a year ago!!!)  But do you know what's so ridiculous?  If I went into that hospital with no insurance, it would have cost me $30,000.  But, since I have insurance, $21,000 of that total just vanishes, even before the insurance starts paying.  (Under the category "adjustments".)  How crazy is that??

Item #3

We ran out and did errands this morning, and I spent a few minutes waiting in the car.  I love to people-watch, so I really enjoyed it.  This big pickup truck parked next to me, and I saw this elderly guy in a flannel shirt and suspenders get out.  The elderly beagle in the passenger seat kept his eyes trained on the guy, as he walked into the bank.  I couldn't help thinking: "Yup, that's a real Vermonter.  Truck, dog, flannel and all."

Item #4

While browsing around the Internet this morning, I stumbled on this:  http://www.bettycrocker.com/products/gluten-free/gluten-free.htm

Yes indeed, Betty Crocker is coming out with a gluten-free line!!   *happy dance*    That should be interesting.  I wonder how the price will compare with the other gluten-free mixes out there?  (The ones made by the smaller companies, I mean.)

Item #5

Is anyone else out there amused by the simple things?  We drove through the bank this morning, and I always like watching the plastic cylinders shoot up and down the plastic tubes.  

I also love the bank at this time of year, because they have a TON of birds that have their nests all around the drive-through.  There was one nest very close to our car, and I could see one of the parents flying close by; obviously wanting to come to the nest, but scared of our car.  The bird finally screwed up his courage, and flew up........just as we drove off, which scared him away again, lol.

Item #6

Why don't more parishes have Perpetual Adoration?  We were discussing this at our book club meeting this week, and I learned that there are, in fact, parishes in Burlington and Barre that have Perpetual Adoration.  Well, either of those is close to a 2-hour drive!!

Admittedly, we're lucky that the parish in Fair Haven has Adoration for 24-hours every week (after the Friday mass, through Saturday morning), so we can stop there when we're out running errands, like this morning.  Our parish in Rutland only has it for a couple of hours on first Fridays.  You'd really think Rutland would be large enough to have Perpetual Adoration somewhere, wouldn't you??

Item #7

Summer is in the air!  We haven't had any frost warnings for a while, I smelled someone barbecuing yesterday, and I actually wore shorts to bed last night.  (Yes, that would have been more impressive if I wasn't sleeping in a sleeping bag under a down comforter, lol.)  Still, I love Vermont at this time of year.  It's not as nice as fall, but at least I can go outside without putting 47 layers of coats on.



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