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It's Friday!!!


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President Obama says the marijuana has "no medicinal benefit", and so shouldn't be legalized.  (http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/secondhandsmoke/2009/07/23/obama-continues-irrational-policy-on-medical-marijuana/)

But........abortion, on the other hand, is such a basic part of health care that we can't exclude it from the new national healthcare coverage?  My federal tax dollars have to cover legal human homicide?  (As if it wasn't bad enough that my state tax dollars do this already.)  

It's enough to give me a headache.

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Mulling over Fr. L's advice during my last confession, I've decided to go on a "mini-retreat".  I'm setting aside the next 9 days for prayer and fasting.  

Oddly enough, I've been thinking recently that I ought to learn more about Mary.......and just the other day, I cleaned off one of my bookshelves and a 3-CD set of talks about Mary came flying off and hit me on the shoulder.  (I didn't even know it was up there; I got it free from somewhere.)  But I had to laugh out loud.  This is not the first time God's answered one of my prayers by having something fall off a bookshelf and hit me.  I guess I'm supposed to listen to it now, lol.

(When I ask God to be blunt, He usually is!!)

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The spider is still hanging up in the corner, and she's still got the egg sac.  How long do those things take to hatch anyway???

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I've spent the last few days buried in books.  I finally found one that I would recommend reading......although it's over 600 pages, and NOT easy or light reading.  (I've been working on it for 4 days, and I'm not quite 200 pages in.)  But it's a collection of essays, written before, during, and after Humanae Vitae was published, and these essays all discuss Church teaching on contraception, sterilization, procreation, sexuality, etc., etc.  It's fascinating stuff, and it's interesting to see how many of these people were accurately able to predict future events.  Well, anyway, it's called "Why Humanae Vitae was Right", edited by Janet Smith.  (Just in case anyone is interested.)

~~~~ 5 ~~~~

I've been on a weird "dresses and jewelry" kick lately.  Anyone else out there ever go through that?  I'm not normally much of a jewelry person, but every once in a while I feel like wearing it for a few weeks.  (Go figure.)  But you know what drives me crazy?  I'm so allergic to nickel that I have to order all my jewelry from one catalog.  Even the stuff marked "nickel-free" in the stores will still give me a rash.  Well, this catalog is wonderful......but they only carry rings in whole sizes.  Size 8 is too small, and size 9 is slightly too large.  So annoying!!  

Usually, it's not that big of a deal.  I've never been much of a ring person.  But I've always wanted something to replace my original chastity ring.  (Yeah, when I was a little, little kid, I heard about those things.  I took one of my kiddie-jewelry rings and decided that it would be my chastity ring.  I still have it around somewhere.  But my hands got too big for it, of course.  I got something to replace it, but quickly developed my nickel allergy, so I gave up.)  Well, anyway, they had a ring that I've liked for a while on sale (and I had a coupon), so I got it.  Size 9, so it's slightly too large, even worn on my biggest finger.  But I noticed that they carry this "ring guard" stuff, which looks like a tube full of goop that you can squirt in your ring, and it will harden and dry, making the inside just a little smaller.  I think that will work!!

~~~~ 6 ~~~~

Speaking of chastity rings, I saw in some places that they use them like symbols of virginity?  And you take it off and give it to your spouse when you get married; replacing it with your wedding ring.

Well.......that seems sort of.......dumb.  (No offense or anything!!)  I mean, wouldn't that symbolize that chastity is ending, now that you're married??  What kind of logic is that??

It got me thinking about "chastity".  Maybe I'm not understanding the use of the word in that context?  Maybe it's being used as a synonym for "abstinence", or "virginity"?  (Anyone know??)


~~~~ 7 ~~~~

Lastly, could I ask for prayers for a special request?

(Maybe I'll talk about it in the future......or maybe not.  It depends on my mood.)



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